Zero Sum Game #3

Zero Sum Game #3 is a part of a series that addresses water usage issues in Hawai‘i.

Zero Sum Game #3
Monoprint Collage from intaglio, photointaglio and monoprints.
16”h x 12”w
Date Work Created: February, 2014
The water resources of Hawai‘i are of significant economic, ecologic, cultural and aesthetic importance. Streams affect the physical and chemical quality of the receiving waters, which are critical to the current tourism-based economy of the islands. Mālama (care) of surface and marine waters is important to the long-term sustainability of our island home. Pollution from non-point sources (NPS) is the biggest cause of quality problems for our waters. The consequences
of NPS pollution are water-borne diseases, beach closures, algae blooms, fish kills and turbid waters.
I am committed to the practice of non-toxic printmaking. None of the processes utilized in creating this print involved the use of oils or chemicals. Avoiding the use of those kinds of substances in my art practice is one way of my contributing to caring for our 'āina (land) and our wai (water.)
The artist retains all current and future rights to this image and the sub-images contained within.
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