The Winter Sea

Manioulated Photography

The Winter Sea was selected by Joanne Carter of The App Whisperer to be featured in the October 19 App Whisperer Showcase; the showcase can be seen here.
The Winter Sea
iPhoneography/Mobile Art
iPhone 5s with and without Moment telephoto lens
#VSCOcam #Mextures, #Stackables, #iColorama, #MomentLens
Size: 19 H x 13 W x 0 in
Composite image from two images taken at Sandy Beach in Honolulu, HI on Sept. 1, 2014. The photographs were shot in Black and White and then altered using mobile tools to give the finished image a combination of a painted look as well and a matte look to the blacks.
This is a "full bleed" (bordlerless) photographic print created using using pigment ink on thick, high quality Hahnemuhle velvet-surfaced fine art paper. It is hand signed and numbered on the verso. This is#1 in an edition of 5 photographs.
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