Somewhere Around Noon

iPhone Photography

Waikiki. Just the mention of the name brings up fanciful, exotic dreams of warm, sun-splashed days and balmy, breeze-cooled evenings. A beachside paradise filled with beach boys, lounge chairs, local beauties, and spacious beaches. Tourists. It’s easy to imagine oneself enjoying this legendary place on a sun-kissed perfect vacation.
But unlike the imaginings and longings that drive vacationers to Waikiki, it is a place with residents, traffic jams, high prices, and weather that doesn’t always cooperate with the dream. This is one such day, somewhat cool, heavily overcast, with grey clouds on the distance, threatening a vacation spoiled by rain. A document of what was. Waikiki. March 11, 2015. Somewhere around noon.
#1 Family Triangle
The school where I earned my BA in Studio Art (2003) has a photography exhibition in their main art gallery right now called "On O‘ahu: Two Views" with work by NYC's Joe Maida and Honolulu/Boston based Phil Jung. On IG, UHM_Art asked for people to tag their IG photos about Oahu with the hashtag‪#‎viewsofoahu‬.
I take a lot of pictures here on Oahu, so I tagged some of them in my IG feed. Last evening, they reposted one of mine in their IG feed.
It is one of my favorite images that I have ever taken, and I think it is also one of my best documentary/street works ever. So I feel extra lucky to have gotten the recognition from my alma mater and of this particular image in general.
About Oahu: Two Views Exhibition…
UHM Art IG feed:
#2 In Search of Peter Pan
#3 Three Generations
#5 Two's a Pair, But Three's a Crowd.
#4 Girls, Girls, Girls
#6 Face First
#7 Amazonian
#8 Looking for Family
#9 Seeking Passengers
#10 Quietude
#11 Band Practice
#12  Hurry Up, Mom!
#13 Preaching the Beach
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