Run is a video short shot on an iPhone and edited on an iPad.

This work was selected by curator Donna Donato for inclusion in the June 14 Mobile Movies Showcase run by The App Whisperer.
Donna wrote:
"This slightly out of focus piece included text, which seemed to speak to our ‘need’ to outrun time. The music added to the sense of urgency as we run through different landscapes that possibly represent seasons."
                                                                     Donna Donator, Mobile Movies Showcase – Week 33,  June 14, 2014
Run, a video short shot on an iPhone and edited on an iPad,  is about revisiting a childhood home after a death in the family. It was created during a spring 2014 visit to my home town in Massachusetts. I was there after my mother's passing, staying at her home, going through her possesions, getting the house ready to sell. I was drawn to the beauty of area in a way I never had been while growning up, when all I wanted to do was run as far west as I could, away from the town, and snowy winters, small towns and people who knew ever move you ever made. At the same time, the circumstances of my stay where sad and depressing, in their own way igniting the urge to RUN! 
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