King and McCully

Dusk at the bus stop

Waiting for a bus after Christmas shopping (who wants to try parking at a mall at that time of year?) I was struck by the light falling on and the reflections on this woman intently texting someone with her cell phone. I took a photo using my phone and she never noticed me at all.
This is an iPad painting created using Procreate, Pixelmator and iColorama to paint on an iPad Mini Retina device with a Creative Stylus from Wacom.
The Street Photography image of this work was featured in the December 28th edition of The App Whisperer Showcase, and subsequently included in The App Whisperer Best of 2014 Collection published on January 11. That is really amazing to me, as it was among 200 culled from 115,000 sumissions over the 2014 calendar year.
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