I, Orfeo

My life as Orpheus, based upon true life events and the story as metaphor.

This project was shot with a plastic Holga lens jerry-rigged to a Moment Telephoto lens then attached to the iPhone 6s Plus using Command Strips. The imagery was manipulated on the iPhone only.
The prints will be archival pigment ink on Hähnemühle Photo Rag paper, mounted to cradled wood panel and then hand coated with several coats of encaustic medium.
Artist Statement:
Mary Mary quite contrary 
How does your garden grow? 
With Silverbells and Cockershells and Pretty Maids all in a row?
I dream in the garden of our creation 
While sunlight burnishes the grass 
I kneel to caress the green streamers 
Soft as your long black hair 
And collect the stars hidden beneath 
You cast spells 
Because you can 
And at your will I breath 
Ke ao ke aloha i ka lani 
While you direct the winds 
As if you held the gourd of La’amaomao 
The garden is empty except for me 
But my songs fall like coins dropped from the skies 
They drape you in your silent mist in hues of lustrous orange and red 
And when I turned you said “Who?” 
As if you were Eurydice 
Show me loves place in the sky 
The weight of your beauty a cluster of suns 
While the wandering makani talk to the gods of time to let them keep you
I cannot penetrate with any bright but saddened sounds 
But their lingering resonances are a caress…an alphabet of touches 
And I press the letter O to your not there lips 
While I feel only absence and sorrow, suspended in the clouds that thunder above 
Because of you, the brightest comet on a musical summer night, I bleed the color of a red hibiscus 
As your light moves over the distance 
In the Sunday morning dew I will be gone
Mary Mary quite contrary 
How does your garden grow?
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