I Don't Think This Is Home Anymore

This work was created for an exhibition I am in every May. It is at a botanical garden. Since my artwork is mainly social-political statements, I use the garden as a metaphor for my HI home. This work speaks to overbuilding on Oahu.

I don’t think this is home anymore…
Mobile Photo/Mobile Art
March 2013
This work speaks how we are paving over Oahu. I have used fish in a jar and a Asian brushstroke-influenced painted look background to talk about how if we don't stop paving over Oahu, pretty soon the only nature we have left will be paintings of landscapes that are no more, and fish in jars instead of the ocean.
This work is comprised of a background of landscape photo shot from moving car using iPad Mini Retina, then altered using Procreate, Artomaton, XN View FX, Tangled FX, Glaze, Painterly, Distressed FX, Mystic and Clever Painter. The girl was created from self-portrait of my face then inventing her figure and hat in Procreate, Photoshop Touch and iColorama. Put them both together in Procreate then worked them into Mystic, Photo Copier back into Procreate then finally color tuning, Brushes, Raise and overlaid a final texture in iColorama.  The entire work was done on the iPad Mini.
Is there an app I own I didn’t use on this? Yup, lots of them. :-)
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