hand you a square of the airport...

an experiment in the pattern editing of a photograph

hand you a square of the airport, walk through the maze of the map
I love to observe the inner workings of airports. So much takes place behind the security areas, and often we see only some...most frequently, it seems, that is through a window, after buying a ticket.
To create this image, I took in rapid succession three images of pre-landing preparations for the flight at the gate next to mine. I shot these using VSCO Cam on an iPhone 5. I then used Diana Camera to create many different versions of them, intentionally ensuring that the overlap in the positions between the three would show. I put together an editing pattern for combining the output via two's using Image Blender, and then as each new group of images emerged, I reapplied the pattern to each new set, until I reaped a singular image.
Using an pre-determined editing pattern brings a flow and continuity to the process that underscores to unify the image. At the same time, because I did not mask or make direct decisions about which image lay atop another, there is also some chaos brought to the fore by the randomness of which pixel interacts with another.
Once I had that single image, I used Snapseed for contrast correction and then brought the resultant work into Mextures for some light texture and final output.
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