Don't Send Those "Huddled Masses" Here, Bud!

Mobile art created from a self-portrait of my face, then worked with extensive drawing and painting on the iPad Mini.

Unless you are Native American or Native Hawaiian, if you live in the United States, your family once immigrated from somewhere. Let's try and remember that people coming to the US are mostly coming seeking a better life, just like most of our ancestors.
This image was chosen by photographer/curator Jennifer Bracewell for the January 20, 2015 The App Whisperer Portrait of an Artist Showcase. It was honored with being the lead image in the write up, and the thumbnail image for the link and blurb about the article and showcase video. About this image, Jennifer wrote, "This self-portrait by Diana Nicolette Jeon is intricate and fascinating.  It’s richly layered and full of emotion. Bravo!"
The showcase can be seen here.
Mobile Photography and Mobile Painting and Drawing.
Native Camera iPhone 5s, iColorama, Mextures, Procreate, Pixelmator
January, 2015.
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