Bound Up Girl

Manipulated Photography

Bound Up Girl was selected to be featured on Instagram by IG Artistry on April 23, 2015. The IG feed can be seen here: 
Bound Up Girl was selected to be featured in the May 2nd The App Whisperer APP Art column edited by Bobbii McMurry. 
McMurry wrote, "A beautiful example of expert App-mashing, Diana successfully achieves a highly textured, painterly image. Not quite real, not quite surreal, but definitely compelling. I love how the images fade in and out of clarity in the photos. The rope that binds the figures hands becomes a dominant element with its saturation and sharpness amid the vast tactile appearance elsewhere."
Bound Up Girl
Manipulated iPhoneography
April, 2015
Composited from four self-portraits and manipulated with adiditonal mobile painting and drawing.
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